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Colorado 14ers


Colorado 14ers helps people find, prepare, and conquer all of the 14ers.

I've designed & built this product since 2016 with my business partner at Avalanche Apps.

Repeating our hackathon success

After building Fresh Snow, Jeremiah and I decided to replicate the magic with another 12 hour hackathon. This time we were inspired by people who were attempting to conquer all of the 14ers in Colorado and we wanted to build an app that would make it easy to keep track of their achievements while preparing and encouraging them along the way.

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Customer research & feedback

After launching the one day prototype, we watched and waited. 14ers steadily gained a dedicated user base and they were eager to share feedback with us. We integrated feedback survey's with NPS questions to help generate qualifiable feedback.


How a single feature monetized the app

14ers was a monetization conundrum for well over a year. We kept track of the feedback from our users and noticed one feature request stood out more than anything: a map view. After building this feature and sending out a promotional email, our purchases increased over 300%. We packaged the feature with some additional enhancements for anyone looking to conquer every 14er and at last, our app had found a market.

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Rewarding progress and social encouragement

As Colorado 14ers grew, we continuously improved and iterated on the key features to ensure they were really serving our customer's needs. I designed a progress view to help motivate users with a visual indicator of their success.

I also designed a social networking system to allow users to find, connect, and share with friends. These features help people encourage each other while adding a natural viral growth component to the app.

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Slow and steady growth in a niche

Colorado 14ers is ultimately a passion project created for people with an extreme love of the outdoors. The app has its challenges but it's a wonderful opportunity to enhance the lives of people in the outdoors, so it's been well worth the journey. Our audience continues to grow despite the small niche and our customer retention is steady over the years.

App Conversion Rate

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