Fresh Snow Colorado Case Study

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Fresh Snow


Fresh Snow helps people in Colorado find the best place to ski based on the snowfall.

I've designed & built this product since 2016 with my business partner at Avalanche Apps.

Initial idea + 12 hour hackathon

The concept for Fresh Snow started with a simple question: where can I find the most snow right now? With this question in mind, Jeremiah and I set out to build a concept in only 12 hours. This single hackathon inspired us to continue working on the concept every week for the last three years while learning about every aspect of product development.

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Customer research & feedback

After launching the one day prototype, we watched and waited. Fresh Snow gained traction quickly which inspired us to continue working on the idea. We began doing customer research to understand who and why someone would use this app. We integrated feedback surveys with NPS questions to help generate qualifiable feedback.


Monetizing a seasonal app

We quickly discovered our customers fell into two groups, people visiting from out of state and locals with season passes. Both groups had one thing in common: their dedication to skiing and a willingness to pay for a great day on the slopes. We experimented with many different monetization models but ultimately a reasonable yearly subscription worked the best for our customers and our business goals.

season pass
purchase process

Enhancing the full journey

Originally Fresh Snow only assisted skiers with weather information. We realized this was only one small part of the overall customer journey. I documented the customer journey and we identified a huge opportunity to support skiers during the middle and end of their journey by allowing them to track their runs on the slopes.

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Skyrocketing seasonal customer & revenue growth

Growing a seasonal app has been a tremendous business challenge due to the highs and lows in customer interest. Nobody purchases a ski app during the summer and thousands of people are interested the first day of the season.

As you'll see in the chart below, our revenue has skyrocketed year over year with each ski season. We attribute this success to listening to our customers, constantly shipping features, and closely analyzing business metrics.

Seasonal Revenue Growth

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