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PageHero is a B2B SaaS product and the easiest way to market your business with landing pages.

I created the product vision and led design and development of PageHero in 2018-2019.

Solving an old problem in a new way

All business owners know they need awareness to gain traction within their market and many have heard of "landing pages" on the web to drive traffic. Sometimes these pages go by many different names but the goal is the same: generate product interest and increase revenue.

As a designer working with many clients over the years, I kept getting requests for the same basic landing pages over and over. Instead of this being a "design" tasks, I imagined a world where anyone could build landing pages with ease, no designer or developer required.

PageHero problem vs goal

Understanding the need & identifying our customer

Along with my team, I conducted market research with a panel survey of over 500 business owners. Each owner was asked about the challenges of marketing and gaining new customers.

Our goal was to understand their biggest concerns and constraints, which returned the expected results: business owners reguardless of size are worried about time, money, and resources.

Customer Research Fall 2018

Survey results from market research

Market Research Fall 2018

survey results for money spent by business owners on marketing

Using customer research to design our value proposition

We combined our discoveries from the customer research with the process of value proposition mapping to see how we could best solve underserved needs and understand our target customers. Each job to be done, pain, and gain were mapped out and then ranked by level of importance.

Visualization of Product/Market Relationship

diagram showing product market fit relationship
photo of whiteboard session establishing customer segment

Finding Product/Market Fit

Through this process we identified our value proposition which helped us understand our product/market fit. PageHero's value prop is "the easiest way to market your business" and the customer segment it serves are the"micro" business owners with 1-3 employees.

photo of whiteboard session establishing product value

Value Proposition Canvas

value proposition canvas for PageHero

Making things as easy as possible

Even though many of the competitors claimed to be simple and easy to use, they still involved incredibly complex technical processes and UI patterns mimicking complex design software.

My solution was to create a pre-optimized landing page template, one in which the layout was ideal but allowed customers to tailor each section to their specific content needs. I created interactive mockups to allow for easy testing and feedback to validate this concept.

Simple Page Editor Concept

simple page editor concept
add section to page interaction demo

Building the minimum viable product in 3 months

After conducting user testing with the early prototype of the landing page builder, we were able to begin development with a local product development company to assist and accelerate our go to market timeline.

One of my key points of focus in the design was the initial onboarding experience. This experience needed to operate like a "slide" - smoothly transitioning the customer from first interaction to the payment process with as little complexity in between as possible.

Create Page Workflow

create page workflow chart
first step of onboarding process

Leading the way as Product Owner & Designer

Throughout the intial concept and development of PageHero I served as the Product Owner in charge of the vision, design, and quality of the end product. I defined the feature sets for each development sprint, created the UI designs and interaction patterns for each workflow, and filed FreshDesk tickets for bugs and problems.

I created high fidelity mockups with components in Sketch and ported them to Zeplin to ensure a smooth and consistent transition to the front-end. I directly assisted the development team with the front-end by coding HTML/CSS/JS to ensure the best possible user experience.

preview of Zeplin files setup for PageHero

Product Feedback Management

bug tickets filed in FreshDesk

Getting PageHero ready for launch

While PageHero was in development I also worked on the marketing strategy and materials to prepare for the official product launch. I created a marketing website with content, illustrations, and coded templates based on my original designs. I also designed a robust library of themeable templates for PageHero customers to use while creating their unique pages.

PageHero is currently in the QA phase before beta release and will release in 2019.

PageHero marketing website snapshot
PageHero contact list analytics mockup
PageHero themed template examples
PageHero editor preview on desktop computer
PageHero is coming in 2019
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